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Building healthy active lifestyles, in AND out of the gym.

MVMT is Collingwood's only 24hr Bluetooth-access functional movement facility. We build bodies and minds in here, so you can keep up out there.  


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Freedom, flexibility, fitness. Enjoy the facility whenever open gym is available.

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Group Fitness

We offer variety and scalability in our programming. You won't get bored, and all abilities are welcome. 

MVMT Team 

Our coaches and staff are a team that is driven to provide our community and members with the most value and greatest experience.

Jenny Wickens

'Fitness is how I destress, it is what keeps my mind and body happy, and healthy to do all the things I love'.

She runs the show. Administration and member services are her game. 

Travis Hennessey

'The special thing about me is that I am motivated by hard work and that transitions into working out, Exercise means so much to me because I don’t feel like myself if I am not doing it. Through exercise, I hope to be a role model and inspire someone else the way exercise has inspired me for the last 20 years.'

He keeps the facility tidy and clean. He also lifts big weights.

Ryan McQuarrie R.Kin, CSEP PT

I'm very passionate about fitness and always expanding and applying my knowledge through research and practicality. My approach to sustainable training keeps you consistent and accountable to hit your goals!

Cecilee Cooper

My husband and I know the importance of leading by example when it comes to young children. By modelling healthy and active lifestyle choices , I hope to encourage my children to follow suit. For me, Maintaining physical fitness allows me to be present and fully involved for my family. My mission is to share my passion and help people find a healthy yet sustainable balance while optimizing their full potential both in, and out of the gym.

Jamie Mallais

'I've been interested in sports and athletics my whole life. Growing up I played soccer, rugby and danced jazz, hip hop and ballet. About 6 years ago, when my Dad died, my eating habits and weight had gone out of control so I made a pact with myself to make friends with the gym so that I stay fit and healthy for a very long time. After losing 25lbs, I've been able to keep it off with discipline, a great community & lots of fun movement!'

Chris Grolla MS, R.Kin, CSCS

I love lifting people up, through exercise. My passion of guiding people to a stronger, healthier body and mind enables people to live a healthier active lifestyle, and to enjoy life to the fullest.