The time has come! Since our closure on March 17th, we have continually looked forward and anticipated the day we’d be able to reopen the doors. It’s been a rollercoaster of events and challenges, but we have overcome each, in preparation for this coming Monday, July 20th, our reopening day.

Over the past four months, we have asked for our members’ support to get through this pandemic. We have had a large number of you who agreed to do so. This support has given us the ability to progress through these times. It reassured us that we have a membership who cares about The Centre, and gave us confidence that when this time came, with our membership behind us, we’ll get through this!

The support through closure has helped The Centre achieve this milestone. Now, upon reopening, we will be in the process of reinstating memberships (for August 1st) that have been suspended through this period of closure. For our financial viability it is imperative that we restore our monthly revenue as soon as possible, but the safety and concern of our members is first and foremost. So, if you do not feel comfortable returning to The Centre at this time, please confirm through email ( and let us know that  you wish to remain suspended.

We Ask For Final Reopening Input

Please keep an eye out for a simple survey from us. During our first weeks of reopening, we would love to gain some final feedback to assess our members’ readiness to return and ways in which you most enjoy using our space. This will provide insight for revenue forecasting, help us make decisions on staffing and operation hours, and implementing cleaning efficiencies. Thank you!

Most Spacious Facility In Collingwood

Unique to Collingwood, The Centre is the largest, most spacious facility in town. Our nearly 11,000 sq.ft. facility has allowed us to easily achieve 6ft or greater spacing between our equipment. We’ve created an “Adjacent Rule” for our stack machines, so despite the inability to physically distance 6ft, this rule will prevent two machines from being in use side-by-side.

As described in previous communications, we’ve taken multiple measures to ensure the facility is safe for your return. These are some other changes that you can look forward to:

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols and increased frequency

  • Sticker reminders to maintain social distancing

  • Masks and plexiglass (at front desk) for staff

  • Monitoring facility traffic to abide by current group limits

    We Need Your Diligence As Well

    We’ve taken measures on our part to keep The Centre safe. We also need you to do your partl! Here are some expectations we have for our members upon return:

  • If you experience ANY symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT enter the facility

  • Masks are MANDATORY while in the facility (as per the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit Order) but can be removed during a bout of exercise, and reapplied when that bout is complete. FAQ’s- Wearing a Face Covering in Indoor Public Spaces

  • Sanitize your hands when you enter and when you leave (and in between)

  • THOROUGHLY Clean your equipment BEFORE and AFTER use,

  • BRING YOUR OWN WATER- our water coolers and fountain are out of use, due to contact. We will have bottled water available for purchase.

  • Change rooms and showers are out of use, washrooms are available.


Message From Larry and Barbara Hall

It is Personal — Thanks Chris, Joe and Gillian for your ongoing efforts to prepare us for this reopening. You may have read Kurt Streeter’s article in the NY Times or Globe and Mail The Cost of Rushing Back to Sports: A Star’s Life. My grandfather died from the third wave of the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1919. Montreal Canadien, Hockey Hall of Fame player, Joe Henry Hall died from this pandemic during the 1919 Stanley Cup finals in Seattle against the Metropolitans. Joe Henry did not make it out of the hospital. Hence the final game was never played and until the NHL lockout more recently this was the only time since Lord Stanley donated the Cup in the late 1800’s that the Cup was not awarded.

So when you arrive back, please be assured that our team has taken great care to prepare our facilities to be safe for you. And as Chris has stressed this is a joint responsibility, staff and you. Let’s make certain that all our precautions work to ensure no sign of this pandemic reaches into The Centre.

Barb and I would like to thank you for your support during this trying and stressful time — Welcome back to The Centre. It is Personal!
Barb and Larry

Squash Update

A quick note on Squash — Return to squash is happening gradually. Solo squash is still available, now with coaching/coaches allowed. Next week Squash Ontario will announce a form of pod participation (small trusted and dedicated groups) to practise routines, but still no competitive play yet allowed (due to inevitable contact during competitive play).

Closing Message

Thank you to all our members. You have been patient and part of the team that has succeeded to get to this moment. We look forward to seeing you in person, and resuming fitness and wellness at The Centre.

Welcome back, see you soon!

Chris Grolla
General Manager
The Centre