Mind Your Mind

‘Mind Your Mind’ is a mental health support and promotion program led by Regulated Healthcare Practitioners (a Psychotherapist, a Kinesiologists, and a Dietitian), that seeks to break down the three silos of physical activity, nutrition, and mental health. It enables our members to self-evaluate their health status, engage in holistic coping methods to maintain or improve their mental health, and facilitate proper professional care if a need is identified. There are two fundamental components to the ‘Mind Your Mind’ program: (1)monitoring and assessing our member’s mental health and maintaining and/or improving the status of our member’s physical health.; and (2), active program participation.

Assess and Monitor:

Recording and interpreting objective data from our members’ participation, through the use of outcome measure tools and interviews, enable us to learn about our member’s health and well-being, and make educated decisions about how best to support them. Our members will utilize these tools to provide ongoing snapshots of their mental and physical well-being. These tools will be used to evaluate change over time and will be leveraged to identify any professional support that may be beneficial. 

Program Participation:

The program is a multi-faceted initiative that incorporates mental and physical activities to nurture overall health. Its design is systematic; our members sign up and consent to participation. They also complete the required intake and outcome-based measurement tools at specified intervals. As they participate in the program’s components, status is overseen and interpreted by Regulated Heathcare Practitioners (“RHPs”) and members will be consulted on how they can receive further professional guidance. Their participation is ongoing but they are free to withdraw at any time.

‘Mind Your Mind’ has mandatory components that the members must complete:

  • Completion of the intake form, informed consent, and outcome measurement tools at the prescribed intervals 
  • Attend in person, or virtually, an introduction to the program – it’s objectives, an explanation of the components and potential outcomes
  • Complete at least 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at an estimated 75+% of the member’s maxHR each visit (subject to the member’s physical condition) 
  • participate in 10-15 minute mindfulness session every visit

 Our members will have independent time in the fitness facility during each session of the program. General information content will be designed and delivered by our RHPs periodically throughout the program. Our members will have access to this content while in the facility, or on our website and/or through our social media.

 RHPs consultation services

Our members have the opportunity to seek professional consultation from one of our RHPs. A complimentary 15 minute consultation is included with enrollment of the program. Examples of conditions/situations that one would seek help for may include:

  • Psychotherapy- coping with things like: the effects of the pandemic, job security, family challenges, self-esteem, mental disorders and/or, post-traumatic events.
  • Dietitian- managing chronic disease, weight loss, coping with disordered eating
  • Kinesiologist- managing pain, healing injuries, improving physical function, increasing physical performance (flexibility, endurance and/or strength)

 The outcome measurement tools are designed to help  identify members who may benefit from  additional support from our RHPs outside the structure of ‘Mind Your Mind’


The ‘Mind Your Mind’ program is free with an annual membership at The Collingwood Squash and Fitness Centre. The price of additional support services from our RHPs can be found on our website or by calling The Centre.