We’ve had strong commitment from our members, staff, volunteers and owners working through these challenging times. While on this temporary shut-down, our management staff and volunteers are working diligently to be there for you. Joe Clark (Operations Manager) will continue to manage our communication with suppliers, administration, and our members. It has also given him time to update website pages, fix daily logistic challenges (cordless phones!), and make experiences at the desk more efficient for staff and members. 

We’re also developing options for you to continue your fitness journey – from physical activities, to engaging challenges or interesting (coffee-sipping) blog reading material; anything to keep you out of trouble. You’ll be able to keep up with what we’re doing by tuning into our periodic emails, our blog page on our website, or via our social media posts. 


So, as you spend more time cocooning at home to maintain your Social Distancing, hopefully you can find some time to spend with The Centre. Our intent is to shed some light on ways you can keep your body and mind stimulated, until we get to see each other again!  Think of it as our attempt to keep you ‘Centred’ (pun intended).  

Please, feel free to contact Joe or myself with your questions or concerns. at info@collingwoodsquashandfitness.ca