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M180 Program


Fitness, nutrition & planning to become more energetic, productive, and to look and feel healthier.

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m180 Program

Everyday life can have a sneaky way of robbing you of your time and focus. Are you left yawning midday, feeling overweight and less comfortable in your clothes?

Be The Man, and turn yourself around with the M180 program. Let us guide you to be more energetic, productive, and to look and feel healthier. Take charge by building new habits. The M180 program coaches for success in three lifestyle habits; fitness, nutrition, and planning. Led by a team of Kinesiologists and Strength and Conditioning coaches, we’ll guide you to self mastery of these skills, and empower you to make better lifestyle choices from here on out.

The M180 program is at your fingertips. Through our custom built app, communicate with your coach via instant messaging and video chat, follow your exercise program and monitor progress, track your nutrition, and access useful tools and resources to help you man up and take back control of your day.


What is the m180?

When you invest in the M180, this is what you’ll get:

A personal Coach: we’re in your corner. We’re part of your team. We will support you through education, motivation, and accountability.

Initial consult: meet your coach, establish your personal challenges, form your action plan and goals, establish a baseline to measure your progress.

Video lessons: pre-recorded and scheduled videos that educate and motivate you to take action.

Monthly video follow-ups: Through the app, you and your coach will meet monthly for 20-30 minutes to discuss challenges, refocus on the goals at hand, and progress your program as you advance.

Weekly check-ins: Through the app, you’ll be prompted to submit simple messages to your coach checking in on your weekly status and updates.

Physical activity program: You and your coach will devise a plan for you to become more active; going to the gym, getting outside, taking up a new activity or sport. Physical activity that is manageable to work into your lifestyle and schedule.

Nutrition program: You and your coach will identify weak points in ways you fuel your body. Together, you’ll find a strategy to build new habits and focus on an action plan that will conquer your specific nutrition challenges.

Planning and mindset training: You’ll learn how to control your day, by identifying habits that hinder you from being who you really wish to be. Build new strategies that keep you on track, focused, and moving towards a healthier, happier you.

Enroll now, and turn yourself around.

If you have questions, please call us (705 444 7824) and book a discovery call with one of our coaches to discuss if the M180 is right for you. 

$400/month (Only $350.00 per month if you sign up before June 01)

Program duration- 6 months

Pay in full and save an additional 10%

Meet the coaches

Chris Grolla


I have focused on helping people move their best and feel their best for over 15 years. I’ve guided 100’s of people through their injuries back to the activities they love, lead individuals of all ages and abilities to achieve their health and fitness goals, and worked with elite athletes in the pursuit of national championships. Through the vast numbers of people I’ve helped, I’ve been able to identify a key component to their success; they all needed education, guidance, goals, and a game plan to achieve. Coaching the M180 program is no different. Let’s grab the rope together, and pull for the best version of you.

Ryan McQuarrie

BSc Hons Kinesiology


Fitness & Performance

90 High Street Collingwood, L9Y 4K2