Leah Van Dolder, RD

Most likely with this virus, you and your family have been impacted in ways you consume food. In a lot of ways it has shed light as to how you plan and prepare your meals. You may have realized your cooking skills are limited, you have an increased reliance on processed food, or limited supplies have shone light on your lack of creativity in the kitchen.

If any of these scenarios resemble the feelings you and your family have experienced, you’re not the only ones! It’s when we are posed with challenges like this that force us to make adjustments.

There’s a ‘fork’ in the road here, as to how you can face these challenges; one, we get overwhelmed with the activity at the grocery store, make irrational choices, and are near-sighted regarding other food options. Or two, you learn ways to provide for your family in a healthier, more sustainable way. Now, I’m not knockin’ a box of Kraft Dinner every now and then, but if we take what we’ve learned in what happens to our supply chain with global challenges such as these, we can change our behavior to ease the stress next time we face these problems.

This brings me to a couple of challenges I have for YOU! Even if you feel you have the food game all locked down, use this time to try something new. It has never been a greater time to make change.

  1. Start a garden! Seeds are out in grocery stores. Hop on YouTube, it is a great resource to find everything from germinating seeds, planting seedlings, growing tips, and harvesting information.
  2. Download ‘cookspirations’ from the Apple or Android app store. It has tons of awesome, healthy meal ideas that range from very simple to complex. Sit down for half an hour and plan your meals for the week. You’ll feel organized, satisfied, and you’ll save money!

Take this time to enjoy and appreciate your food!