Get better fitness results by working with a personal trainer.

Do you want to achieve your goals quicker, safer and have some fun while you’re at it? Our personal trainers are available for one-on-one and small group sessions. We will customize a workout regimen based on goals and suited to fit into your busy schedule.

Personal training is the best way to achieve lasting results. You’ll experience a team of coaches who really care about you, your goals and above all, your success! Here are just a few of the benefits of working with a personal trainer here at The Centre:

  • It’s Educational. Our trainers will not only put you through gruelling workouts that get you the results you want, but we’ll also teach you the ins and outs of health and fitness that will help you reach your goals
  • Form is Key. Working with a personal trainer will ensure you’re performing exercises with proper form, minimizing your risk of injury, and enhancing your workouts.
  • Accountability. How many times have you gone to bed and said to yourself, “Tomorrow I’m going to wake up, go to the gym, and work out before I get ready for work,” and then decided to sleep for another hour instead of exercising? This is where a personal trainer is critical to ensuring that you commit and stick to your fitness goals. If you’ve made an appointment to meet you trainer for a session, then you are far more likely to go than if you are just telling yourself you should go to the gym.
  • It’s Challenging. Let’s face it– we all work harder when a personal trainer is watching us. While ensuring your safety, we’ll push you harder than you ever thought possible.

For more information about working out with a personal trainer in Collingwood, Ontario, contact us at The Centre today!