MVMT Fitness Collingwood
MVMT Fitness Collingwood

Class Descriptions

MVMT Fitness Collingwood

This is a full-body circuit using lots of the new equipment in our strength and conditioning room, such as the sled, sliders, bars, and more. High energy, but suitable for all ability levels. Taught by Ryan.


This one-hour class is a mix of spinning and a variety of core exercises. Cecilee will be instructing you through transitions- from spinning for intervals, and then core for intervals. This is a great way to get your heart rate up, and work on core strength! The class can accommodate a combination of both spinning and core interchangeably- so we have room for 15 people per class.


A class suitable for all levels; A mix of movement through yoga. Plenty of modifications based on your individual needs; designed to help you improve your flexibility and mobility.