MVMT 6-Week Fitness Challenge

Starts April 17th 2023 – Call 705 444 7824 or email to book your place!

Identify and work towards your own specific fitness goals with the help and support of our team of health and fitness professionals.

We guide you every step of the way, through an initial goal setting session, to three 1-on-1 personal training sessions, through weekly group fitness classes, with check in appointments along the way, nutrition guidance and a Facebook support group.

MVMT 6-Week Fitness Challenge
MVMT 6-Week Fitness Challenge

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in 6 weeks with your commitment and our support.  

  • Tired of going to the gym but really not having a plan or knowing what you’re supposed to be doing?
  • Want to fit back into that favorite pair of jeans?
  • Thinking about joining a gym, but haven’t quite figured out whether you’re going to make use of it? 
  • Looking to improve your athletic performance?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this is the perfect program for you.

When: April 17 to May 28 2023

6 weeks of commitment (yours and ours)

We kick off with a group seminar on Saturday April 15th – meet our team of fitness coaches/trainers, dietitian, athletic therapist, physiotherapist, and each other and share your unique goals with the group (this is optional)

In order to offer a tailored experience, we are limiting our 6-week challenge to the first 35 people who register, – so don’t think about this for too long!

Cost:  $299 for Non-Members, $249 for Existing MVMT Members

MVMT 6-Week Fitness Challenge

6-week Challenge Group of Fall 2022

MVMT 6-Week Fitness Challenge
MVMT 6-Week Fitness Challenge

Program Design

1. Create Your Promise – be it weight loss or gain, building strength and/or flexibility, cardio endurance or overall health, we will help you to establish a realistic goal for the 6 Week Program

2. Create your Plan – this is where we take Your Promise and help you with the ‘how’ and jointly agree on a realistic roadmap to success.  Submit “before” shot (Optional) – you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come in 6 weeks!

3. Commit – this is the hard part – you need to want this and make sure that, for 6 weeks, you’re going to make yourself and your goals a priority – we’re here to support you and keep you focused.  Remember, you will also support each other, both in person and through our private Facebook group.

4. Achieve – with consistency and dedication, you finally get to see the fruits of your labour. At your final consultation, see all the progress you have made towards your goal. Keep up the great work! Here at MVMT, even after the challenge, we can continue to help you towards achieving your long term goals.

 What’s included?

  • 3 X 1 hour sessions with a Personal Trainer – this is huge and, by itself, has a value of over $250 – learn how to get the most out of your workouts, to exercise safely, execute exercises effectively and enjoy the process.
  • 3 X Fitness Consultations – to set your goals, get you on track, monitor progress and guide you to success. 
  • Unlimited access to a large range of group fitness classes, including interval and circuit training, learning to lift workshops, weekly on the floor instructional classes, spin & abs class, and whole lot more!
  • Access to the most extensive range of fitness equipment and largest workout space in the Collingwood area

  • Nutrition and workout guidance
  • A great atmosphere –  taking on Your Promise by being part of a group is so much more fun than trying to do it alone – you will be accountable to yourself, us and each other
  • May 28th  – PROMISES KEPT celebration and prize presentation.
MVMT 6-Week Fitness Challenge
MVMT 6-Week Fitness Challenge

Take The First Step 

When you call us to register, please be prepared to book your initial consultation.  Our goal is for everyone to have completed their initial consultation before April 15th, so we’re all ‘ready to go’ on April 17th start date. * Medical approval may be required **excludes access to the Squash facilities

Call 705 444 7824 or email to book your place!

Previous Winners

Jeff’s incredible transformation began before the 6-week challenge in Spring 2022; he continued to make huge improvements throughout the challenge, winning the top prize of a 1 year fitness membership. Jeff continues to train at MVMT almost every day.

Cassie’s amazing transformation from the MVMT 60 day challenge. Cassie won a 1 year fitness membership for all her hard work.