By Laurie Bodley

10 Reasons Why I Loved Having a Personal TrainerI played rugby for a very short time. It was an incredible experience. Between the two seasons that I played, I hired a personal trainer.

Here are 10 reasons why it was fantastic:

1.   I didn’t skip going to the gym.

2.   She pushed me to my limit and worked me much harder than I have ever worked on my own at the gym.

3.   She kept me focused.

4.   Every workout session was different.

5.   She knew how to home in on areas that needed attention and improve my overall strength.

6.   We did interesting exercises I had never thought of or read about.

7.   I didn’t skip stretching after the workout.

8.   She helped me maximize the stretches.

9.   She gave me eating tips, tailored entirely to me, to maximize the benefits of each workout.

10. Despite working me to my limit, that hour always flew by, and I never gave up.

Result: I felt stronger and fitter than ever.

Cautionary tale: After a year, I thought I’d be able to take what I did with this fantastic training and do it myself. I was wrong. My workouts haven’t been the same since.

Time to give her a call.